Oishii Dry Ageing Film For Fish ( 3 pc)

Oishii Dry Ageing Film For Fish ( 3 pc)

SKU: OIS202002

Oishii Dry Ageing Film for fish


Contents :3 Oishii sheets ( 30 cm x 40 cm)


Oishii Dry Ageing Film is a special innovative breathable membrane. Keeps fish fresh, and after a day, it starts to dry age the fish. Dry-ageing enhances both taste both taste and consistency by reducing moisture and breaking down the enzymes within the protein creating rich, umami flavour that makes these sea creatures so appealing.


Flavours ranging from umami to sweetness to subtle bitterness develop in the process of dry ageing.


The Breathable Membrane

- innovative membrane technology

- allows moisture and water to be released from

fish while preventing odours from getting in

- oxygen exchange as membrane is breathable

- protects fish from contamination of bacteria,


- no bad odours can penetrate into fish